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Ensign care are proud to be members of the following organisations

Securicare  – Safe Guarding Vulnerable and Challenging Patients

Ensign Care provide unique safety guardians to the NHS. We protect vulnerable and challenging patients from hurting themselves or others by supporting hospital staff with one-on-one and cohort care.


Securicare is the unique blend of security and care trained staff.

Our staff are training in care and ALSO security to enable them to effectively look after challenging patients and provide conflict resolution skills.

  • ● Provided on an Ad-hoc basis – our staff rapidly response to hospitals within 2-3 hours to support hospital staff.
  • ● Hospitals are not tied into a minimum hours contract giving them staff flexibility.
  • ● We stay onsite 24/7 for as long as needed or until the patient is discharged.
  • ● We provide a first class, greatly needed service that frees up care assistants and nurses to look after other patients.


We RECOGNISE the difficulties and stress experienced by nursing patients with dementia and delirium and also what a worrying time it can be for the patients family and friends.

We UNDERSTAND how patients unfortunate enough to be suffering from this awful condition can inadvertently disrupt the efficient working of a hospital ward and how easy it is for them to be confused, challenging and demanding.

We KNOW how much that patient’s safety is paramount and essential to the care they need and deserve.

We DELIVER a valuable and unique service to the NHS that is an amalgamation of two roles, that of ‘Security’ and ‘Care’. Our staff are called ‘Safety Guardians’ and it is their job to ensure the patients safety whilst they are in the hospitals medical care.


Diversion Therapy and Validation Therapy Techniques

Our Safety Guardians are uniquely trained to use Diversion Therapy, Validation Therapy, Reminiscence Therapy and distraction/re-direction techniques.

They are equipped with an assortment of games and methods to help keep their patients calm and to distract them from inappropriate or unsafe behaviour.